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Welcome to Black Swan Ballet Company. A nonprofit organization located in the Susquehanna Valley of Pennsylvania with the purpose of encouraging marginalized ballet dancers in their dance training and experience as well as changing the face and body of the ballet world for the better.



Low cost and free community performances

At Black Swan Ballet Company, we are dedicated to changing the face of ballet.  We take quality ballet, which is normally only seen in elitist, venues and place it squarely in the domain of the everyday person.  We make ballet accessible to all by performing in low cost and free venues in the Susquehanna Valley area.  These performances give the dancers a chance to not only showcase their talent, but also try different performing venues as they become ambassadors for other dancers who do not see themselves in their studio's mirrors. 


Encouraging young ballet dancers of color

By placing young serious dancers of color, as well as other marginalized groups,  together, they are able to see that their goal is possible and can be reached.  They are able to go out into the community to support other dancers with pride and confidence.  Through our intensives, supplemental classes and choreography projects, the dancers and audience are exposed to various issues that impact the marginalized community as well as the world community.  By drawing attention to these issues, the dancers become active citizens not only for the dance community but also for the world at large.


Workshops and intensives for dancers of color

BSBC encourages young dancers continue their training at quality studios but also offers intensives, private classes, and workshops specifically for them in many areas from pointe work, partnering to hair and skincare.  To help bring the cost of quality ballet training within reach of all, we also offer classes at an income based tuition pricing.  Students in the community are able to pay what they are able to, to take once a week classes. As students in once a week classes are able move into quality studios, we offer scholarships to encourage them to stay in their studio as they plan for their futures. 


With their new since of pride, they are able to go back into their dance studios and the world at large proud of who they are in a sea of faces and bodies that do not look like themselves.  Guest artists, choreographers, and teachers of color are brought in to teach and work with the young dancers, giving them a view into the possibilities of their future.


Encouragement, Classes and Clinics when it is needed 

We have a diverse group of dancers who can help you navigate the world dance for your dancer as well as your studio.  We wish to work with studios and their students to create a more inclusive and diverse dance community.  We offer workshops for dance teachers as well as Elemental Music & Movement Teachers who wish to be more inclusive in their studios and classrooms.  Contact us to invite us  advocate for you, your dancer, and your students.  

"Never be afraid to be a poppy in a field of daffodils."

Michaela DePrince


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