Meet BSBC Monday

I would like to introduce you to the beautiful Grace-Anne Acebo. She is the lovely welcoming and open-hearted member of Black Swan Ballet Company who is not only a beautiful dancer but has a beautiful heart, soul, and sense of humor that goes with it. Grace-Ann is a sixteen-year-old dancer who has been dancing her entire life.

One of the new things that have happened in the summer of 2020, is dancing in the light of COVID-19. I asked Grace-Ann about dancing in the light of the pandemic and I would like to allow her to discuss this with us first.

How has quarantine impacted you as a dancer?

Quarantine has been a new experience for me and a significant learning curve. I went from dancing for hours every day to searching for class online and a few ZOOM classes. Most of my life was on a tight schedule and tailored so that I could dance as much as possible. Now, I'm learning how to use the things I do at home to make structure for my days.